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Linux Magneticss is a foremost name in India for providing at par quality range of the magnetic equipments used to eliminate ferrous and non ferrous impurities from the processing material, thus avert any hazard in the operation. Banking on the elongated experience and leveraging rewarded proficiency Linux has been serving a range accounting, Magnetic Plate, Plate Magnet India, Magnetic Separator, Roll Magnetic Separator, Hopper Magnet Tumbler Screen, Roll Magnetic Separator, known for its long functional life and easy maintenance, now come up with the specifically designed range of the Magnetic plate Separator, a plate separator that is ideal for removing ferrous impurities from free falling and flowing feeds, as well as those conveyed.

These magnetic plate separator are made following a proved manufacturing process and considering international regulation of quality, for what has earned ISO 9001:2008 certifications too. The wide face configuration of this magnetic plate possesses utmost magnetic field strength comes into direct contact with the feeds; thereby the plates ensure every iron particle in the flow is checked and removed.

Magnetic Plate Supplier in India

This magnetic plate separator is available in the broad range, competent to eliminate ferrous particles from bulk material, particle, quarts sand, recycling material, food, air as well as assist in line monitoring of the under process material. The absolute range of magnetic plates is recommended for chutes or conveyors to procure the best possible results efficiently. However, it is crucial that the entire width of the conveyor belt or chute must cover with the face of the magnetic plate manufacturer to procure best in class results.

Linux Magnetics values customer satisfaction and thereby makes best possible efforts to impart all the required specification in the manufactured magnetic plates, whereas heed equally on the prompt service and support all through the life span.

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Application scope of Magnetic Plates:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Sand
  • Food
  • Cattle feeds
  • Minerals
  • Fertilizers
  • Chemicals
magnetic plate separator Supplier

Spotlight on the exclusiveness of our Magnetic Plates:

  • Made of 100% stainless steel
  • Use of quality proved permanent ceramic magnetic material
  • Use of Neodymium-Iron-Boron and Samarium-Cobalt, Rare earth magnetic material
  • The demagnetize quality of the magnets ensure long serving life
  • Competent to remove the ferrous contaminants intensely
  • Specifically configured to reach ferrous contaminants in depth
  • The use of high grade latches, hinges and handle proffer smooth installation
  • The strong fusing of all the parts permits rugged use
  • Broad spectrum of strengths to suit most chutes

The potency to be added without making larger change into the existing set up is widely used by many industries.

Magnetic Plate Separator - DRUM SEPARATOR

Our product

The well versed team of Linux has a profound understanding of the respective industrial requirement; thereby we are effective to provide customized magnetic plates too. If you are in search of the same, kindly send us a brief enquiry on your requirements, our team is geared up to provide quick suggestions that is right one for your application need.

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